3 tips to control anxiety

Surely you have already said at some point in your life: “Oh, what anxiety. I am looking forward to tomorrow.” But there is a difference between the feeling of anticipation, which is normal, and pathological anxiety. When we talk about the anxiety we have to keep in mind that she may refer to a disorder that gets in the way of everyday life, which can lead to severe symptoms such as tachycardia, fear of dying, cold sweat and dizziness.

Do things you like
If you are too focused on work and don’t have time to do things that are out of the ordinary and that really bring happiness, know that having escape routes helps a lot to reduce and control anxiety. Invest in going out with friends, going to the mall, theatre, travel, dance and gym. Make sure that at least one activity is included in the routine.

Escape from toxic people and “complainers”
Don’t value others’ opinions so much. Do you know that person who only complains about life and does nothing to change? Go away. They usually leave those who suffer from anxiety even more down and always with that negative vibe. At such times, the best are friendly words and advice from trusted and close people. Being around pessimists only adds to the problem and does not help to resolve the situation.

Leave social networks a little
Do you know that story that people only post their joys in the media? It is true. Normally, when we are faced with scenes of happy people and we are feeling bad, we tend to think that our life sucks and only that individual is happy. Try to leave your phone a little aside and take time for yourself. Do it little by little: start with a few minutes, then move up to hours and days without checking that app notification. Experiencing new things helps to decrease the symptoms of anxiety.

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