3 powerful tips to increase self-esteem

Amid the rush of everyday life, it is rare for us to stop to take care of ourselves. It is usually when we get sick – or when it hits that bad thing – that the routine break is forced, and then you feel obliged to review the way you are acting.

Taking care of yourself, your thoughts, and your attitudes, however, is something that increases our self-esteem and, consequently, helps to perform all the activities of the same daily rush with more calmness, clarity, and, of course, confidence. We’ve put together 3 powerful tips for you to start taking better care of yourself and to love yourself more and more each day!

  1. Move!

It doesn’t have to be a fitness muse, no. Exercise is vital for releasing endorphins in the body – and it also gives the feeling of caution. In yoga, there are specific positions to increase self-confidence, such as retroflections, and also emotional balance, like all those that strengthen the abdomen.

2.Have more acceptable limits on your self-criticism

It is evident that being critical of yourself is important – otherwise, people would go around, inconsequential, making a lot of blunders. But perfect no one is. Let’s relax a little?

3.Stop comparing yourself to other people

It’s easier said than done (like most of these tips), but it’s VERY worth a try. Feeling diminished when faced with the beauty of another woman, for example, is not cool, friend. Everyone is beautiful, exciting, and happy in their way – and creating imaginary rankings of people will not get you anywhere.

Finally …

Try to explore what is pleasurable, not be judgmental. It can be difficult at first, as most women have internalized that it is shameful and ugly to give pleasure, but the feedback is very positive.

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