Tips for a simple, healthy and nutritious Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner is one of the most anticipated times of the year. An opportunity to gather the whole family and enjoy the taste of this special date, as well as celebrate the good memories of the year. And to make a nutritious supper, nutritionist Adriana Passos gives healthy food tips that can enrich your dishes and hence your health.

Healthy Food for Christmas Dinner
Grains such as lentils, chickpeas, soy and peas are always welcome because they are rich in protein and minerals. They are versatile, as they can range from a hot dish to a cold dish. Fruits are a great choice for enriching starters and salads, as well as dessert. Also, consider including some organic ingredients.

These grains are great food choices to make a delicious and more nutritious salad, providing a distinctive flavour for Christmas dinner. You can choose, for example, a lentil salad, chickpea salad, a pea cream or even textured soy protein with vegetables.

How to plan a healthy menu for the holidays?
It is important to plan correctly in order to be able to follow a healthy menu even at the end of the year. Here are some suggestions for good planning:

1) Plan a lighter and more nutritious menu
Opt for preparations with organic, natural and whole ingredients. What matters is the quality of food and its health benefits, not the quantity served. Keep an eye not to overdo the fats and sugars!

2) Choose salads
For starters, nothing better than serving a well-rounded salad with lots of leaves, vegetables, seeds, grains and fruits. They increase the feeling of satiety and slow the pace of eating, preventing overeating. If you want to be more creative, try to use salad seed mix.

3) Make smaller portions
The main dishes, always abundant, should be tasted sparingly. Smaller portions are ideal to keep the line during the holidays and always!

4) Fruits as desserts

Seasonal fruits are great options: pineapple, plum, mango, watermelon, nectarine and peach.

But if the day is still a little heavy, there are ways to make up. Here are 10 tips for things to do the day after Christmas Eve:

  1. Drink plenty of water.
  2. Do exercises the next day.
  3. Drink herbal juices and teas.
  4. Eat light meals with plenty of vegetables.
  5. Do not drink alcohol.
  6. Avoid fatty and sweet foods.
  7. Avoid added salt, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.
  8. Eat every 3 hours: It’s no use fasting to try to overcompensate.
  9. Eat fruits at snack time.
  10. Enjoy the day, sunbathe with sunscreen and have fun in the pool or park!
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