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We tend to focus on all things online when sometimes the best place to spot the next big thing or “idea” is actually offline and what we see around us.

Just lately Hemp is the buzz word and we are seeing appear more and more with some wonderful health benefits.

One thing we do know is that hemp is apperaing in more and more forms and hemp protein powder is where many athletes are now turning to get the best health benefits from this plant. some info on this below;

Hemp protein powder is a vegetable source of protein from one of the most complete and consumable plants in the world. Rich in protein and fiber and a source of vitamins and phytonutrients. Hemp protein powder is an excellent vegetarian substitute for athletes, athletes or people who want to stay in shape. Its essential fatty acids are necessary for normal growth and development in children. The unique mill process guarantees a powder without additive or chemical treatment. Rich in protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, omega-3, calcium source, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, E. Vegan. Gluten free. Lactose free. Without soy. SUPER FOOD Organic superfoods are 100% pure and untreated foods. They contain no pesticides, chemicals, dyes, bulking agents, flavoring agents, preservatives and / or any other synthetic or artificial additives. They contain a high content of nutrients and phytonutrients and for this reason we can really talk about super foods. These super foods are good for the body and mind, without overwhelming the body with bad fats, sugars, toxins, etc. They are therefore ideal for a healthy and active lifestyle. The super food is used as lunch, lunch or as a snack in a freshly made smoothie made from rice milk – soy – nuts or other milk or fruit juice. It can also be added to ready-to-use smoothies, desserts, pastries or sprinkled on various dishes.


If you looking for expert advice on hemp and all its wonderful powers contact a hemp expert. 


Currently, technology has flooded the world with different applications that allow us to simplify our lives, especially some utilities for professionals that will help carry out the work without the need of the traditional tools that we use every day, for this reason we want to gather information about the better applications for those responsible for construction. Incase you need a tailor made solution for your business do not hesitate to contact app building experts.

Today we have a Top 7: The best applications for architects and masons in 2017 to facilitate their activities without having the most powerful smartphone, but a basic equipment will be enough to run these useful mobile applications for iOS and Android.


Site Audit Pro (iOS / Android)

If your job is to audit or be the quality inspector in the work you should not forget to install the Site Audit Pro application, this utility is designed specifically to do inspections, audits or reports and manage them directly from anywhere. With this utility you can obtain photographs or upload existing images, make comments or annotations that you can share in your auditorium reports by e-mail, Dropbox or Google Drive.


Builder’s Helper – Advanced Construction Calculator (iOS)

En iOS nos encontramos con una utilidad peculiar, pues se trata de una calculadora digital capaz de valorar los cálculos normales como unitarios para una gran variedad de proyectos constructivos, lo cual incluye vigas, columnas, escaleras y paneles de yeso, pintura, decking, sistemas de techo y pisos.

Además, esta aplicación permite tener un seguimiento sobre todos los datos relevantes del proyecto y almacenar documentos sobre el mismo, incluso fotografías para tener la información concreta justamente en la palma de tu mano.


BIMx (iOS / Android)

If you are an architect you will end up loving BIMx, because this software is a very useful tool that has the ‘Hyper-model BIMx’, a technology designed specifically to navigate the plans and the 3D construction model in an integrated way and for the visualisation of information of the construction components.


Autodesk BIM 360 Docs (iOS / Android)

A second quite useful application for architects is BIM 360 Docs from Autodesk, this being a free utility for construction, since it allows to publish, manage and review all documents, plans and models of the project in the cloud to verify the latest changes made at the moment to visit the work.


Plan Grid (iOS / Android)

Plan Grid is perhaps the most useful application for those in charge of the works because the supervisor can share plans, annotations, photos and reports instantly with all his equipment without having to quote them to a meeting or meeting.

In addition, this utility will allow us to follow up on the works that consists of the reviews, progress exams and problem management to benefit the staff in general that will minimize the time of meetings to follow the construction.

Brand management is a somewhat complicated mission, especially for those who do not know SEO techniques. Currently, working the brand of a company in the virtual environment is a task that requires persistence, knowledge and will.

That happens because of the excess of competition and new brands appearing in the market. Therefore, it is essential that managers think of branding and SEO techniques as a winning team, the winner of the market.

It is not difficult to understand the importance of SEO for brand management in the online environment, just look at Google and perceive that the brands that obtain the best positions are the most “known”.

SEO as a channel of branding: What are the techniques of content marketing?

Many people believe that the application of SEO techniques is effective only to generate more visits to a certain website or blog. The truth is that optimizing the texts and using these techniques in the images improves the final results of the company.


SEO to obtain a better brand positioning

It’s amazing the feeling of having your brand among the first results of Google! Undoubtedly, this is one of the best experiences for those who work daily with branding in digital media. By having a good position in the search engines, the company is recognized as one of the most popular in its sector. This popularity makes people remember your brand every time they have a need that can be met with a product or service offered by the company.


SEO techniques and brand authority

By using SEO techniques correctly, it is possible to appear in “everywhere”, that is, the brand will be present in the various parts of Google. In this way, consumers will interpret that if you appear so many times in the search engines it is because you really have a differential and you are known. It is easy to understand that this permanent presence, in addition to allowing people to remember your brand, also creates the perception of authority in the sector.


Content Marketing: The secret of a good SEO-Branding strategy

When a good job is developed for the positioning of a website, it is automatically increasing the value of the brand. In other words, paying attention to content marketing and the proper application of SEO techniques allows optimizing branding. But how is this possible? When doing a search in Google, the consumer types a keyword of a certain area, when clicking on the magnifying glass icon they will be shown, almost instantaneously, a lot of results. The first ones on the list will be brands that have invested in content marketing and correctly adopted SEO tactics.

The question is simple, do you want to appear in the first results of Google, work in brand management and get high recognition from the public? So, do not hesitate to address SEO techniques. These tools are an excellent channel of branding for companies.

For those who work with digital marketing is not different. Defining objectives is the first step of digital marketing planning: what do I want in 2018? Increase my sales and lead generation, improve my results through marketing, become an authority in the market … and many other objectives that you can include in your planning for next year.

However, to make good planning it is also necessary to be attentive to trends. 2018 digital marketing trends will be characterized by emerging technological developments, some of which we already had the opportunity to meet this year.

Thus, the paths that digital marketing professionals will take next year will be defined by two factors: technology + data. Knowing the trends of digital marketing will help you make good planning and define what to invest your marketing budget. Here we present the top 10 digital marketing trends 2018.


1. Audiovisual

By virtue of the speed of communication allowed, above all, by smartphones, users increasingly prefer to receive information through images and videos. These audiovisual elements allow a greater and better absorption of information in addition to providing sensory and emotional experiences.

Therefore, it invests in audiovisual and interactive content: well-produced images and videos, infographics, etc.


2. Native ads

Invasive ads became a source of annoyance for users. Nothing more annoying than finding a pop-up out of context at the beginning of a page that you have accessed. Therefore, two marketing methods have become recurrent: Inbound marketing, aimed at capturing potential users, and native ads.

Through the native ads it is possible to offer a product in a less invasive way. This is possible because these types of ads are mixed with the virtual environment so that the user does not detect it as advertising, instant content, recommended content, etc. Therefore, avoid invasive marketing strategies and invest in native ads.


3. Micro-moments

The micro-moments are an infinity of moments of our day to day that stimulate the use of our smartphones. These micro-moments are made up of searches on our smartphones from “car rental” to “business hours of pizzeria X”.

According to Google, these micro-moments make it possible to assess the needs that users expect brands to satisfy with relevant information. The challenge of who has a business and who works with digital marketing will anticipate the micro-moment and offer the user the correct information in the precise time he needs.


4. Custom content

Marketing strategies that offer a personalized experience to users are increasingly valued. This personalized experience means providing the client with the feeling that their needs and preferences are being contemplated. For this, two strategies are fundamental: adopt intelligent content and personalize messages.

Smart content helps identify different people and, from that, create a special communication for each consumer and their needs. And the personalization of the messages creates a personal link between the consumer and the brand / service. And that generates greater performance. In 2018, it invests in personalized content.


5. Influencers

Influencers are people who disseminate and disseminate a brand / service sharing their personal experience when using it. They are brand prescribers.

Influencers can be microinfluencers, that is, clients that became brand / service disseminators. There are several ways to turn a client into an influencer. But the main one is to offer the consumer the satisfaction of their need and preference. With that, you’ll get customer loyalty with the brand. And the influencers can also be the ambassadors of the brand / service, which are usually well known by the public of the country, region or city (actors, actresses, singers, singers, etc.).


6. Content developers

To create easy-to-memorize content, unique and personalized, the recommendation is to hire an experienced writer. The editor’s mission will be to write creative and unique content, in a fluid way, on different topics in order to reach different audiences.

The function of the editor is also to select topics and contents relevant to the audience of your brand / service. Therefore, this person must be attentive to trends, know the issues, know what is being talked about and have the ability to react to generate content in line with the interests of the moment.


7. Voice search

One of the 2018 digital marketing trends in the area of ​​marketing search is the voice search. This tool must be incorporated into search marketing strategies that every brand undertakes.

The voice search should be oriented to offer help in daily issues and in time to the users. It is an important local marketing strategy.


8. Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence is a marketing strategy linked to the use of data. The term Business Intelligence refers to the process of collecting, organizing, analyzing, sharing and monitoring information that supports business management.

Smart business is about exploring the possibilities offered by real time. Know how many people are accessing at this precise moment to the page of your brand / service, what they are looking for, etc. And, from this information and both the ability to analyze and the prediction of data, adopt marketing strategies that increase sales or any other objective defined in the planning of your brand / service. Big Data is a great ally of Business Intelligence.


9. Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is another marketing strategy related to the use of data. However, this strategy is related to the marketing of results. It’s about experiment-oriented marketing.

Content marketing for results

Growth Hacking seeks to identify ways to grow – increase quickly and without cost the number of leads of a company – against an increasingly demanding consumer. Through data and testing, Growth Hacking seeks to understand the public to know what strategies to adopt to grow your brand / service.


10. Data Management Platform (DMP)

DMP is a platform that collects, organizes and activates the thousands of data that are generated in various sources. DMP collects data on different sites. Then, organize these data from demographics, consumption habits, interests, among other topics. Finally, the information that results from the organization of the data is activated in different ways for advertisers and publishers.

The DMP is important for marketing, because this information is used to broaden the audience’s reach, get to know the public better, generate ideas and allow smarter decisions in the optimization of digital strategies. DPM is a great ally of Business Intelligence.

If you want to know more about some of these 2018 marketing trends or wish to share your experience, leave your comment at the end.